Brew's listening?

A few weeks ago I went to a new kind of beer tasting event. 12 Noon, Friday Morning in the misty hills of Brecon Beacons Mr @PeteBrownBeer took me on a journey through the perceptions of taste with a Beer and Music Pairing event at Green Man festival matching the bands and the beers of Green Man, a selection of 99 local Cask conditioned and Kegged beers. All music festivals need a bar like this so those of you who know me will not be surprised to find out that beer and music are my two favourite things, and have listened to me going on about the parallels between Craft Beer and Pop bands for ages (Brew Dog and Blink 182 anyone?)

Anyway, I'm sort of doing my own spin on it now so every brewsletter I'll be selecting my Beer of the Fortnight and posting an Apple Music link to a 20 minute playlist designed specifically to complement said beer. Give it a go, let me know what you think. Why not try it with a beer style that's maybe not for you, don't like wheat beer, then try listening to Neil Young's Heart of Gold while supping a hoppy American Wheat, it might ease you in to a new style.

So starting off our new 'Brew's Listening' Beer & Music matching we've got Reuben's Gose from Seattle's fantastic Reuben's Brews and a playlist designed to bring out all of those lovely layered notes of lemon, coriander, salt and of course sourness. Let us know how you get on or why not post us a link to your own pairings using the hashtag #brewslistening

Listen to Brew's Listening Vol.1 ­Reuben's Gose on Apple Music (you'll need Apple Music membership to listen).