Believe the hype?

There seems to be an awful lot of hype around the general 'Hype Machine' of Craft Beer at the moment. Is it a cynical marketing strategy or an irresponsible encouragement of drinking strong beer? Or is it simply the natural cause and effect of the “Gotta catch 'em all” Pokemon generation?

To me, the craft beer movement is an evolution of small cultural revolutions starting with the rise of the Teenager in the 1950's, moving on to mods, hippies, punks, new romantics etc. But whereas previously the only option was to pick up a guitar and make some noise, this time round rather than rattling the cage from the outside we've cut straight through the middle.

Not content to stand shouting from the side of the arena this batch of revolutionaries unhappy with modern business and capitalism have decided to create a new form of business which gives the consumer the alternative the bands of the past were pining for. A model in which collaboration and the sharing of ideas is encouraged and secrecy and cost-cutting is scorned. A business model where the customer comes first and communication between customer and producer is paramount. When you look at it like that, is the hype any more unhealthy than that for Oasis' Be Here Now, or at least beer has a best before date.


This week's playlist is designed to match Track Brew Co's Zoji. A 5.8% Black IPA. There is something about Black IPA's that screams Post Punk at me. The wall of noise rhythm section is echoed by the malt and the hops jump on and off the palate like the slightly unhinged lead guitars of the time.

So sit back in your favourite chair, pour yourself a bottle of Zoji and pop those headphones on.

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Listen to Brews Listening Vol. 2 - Track Brew Co. - Zoji on Apple Music or Spotify.